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Oct 3, 2007

We met Darren at the Home & Garden show in Edmonton last year. We were instantly impressed by the workmanship demonstrated st his exhibit. Dave explained to Darren that we were experiencing drainage problems due to the poor workmanship of our new home. Darren came out to our house numerous times and gave us good advise on what he could do to solve all our drainage issues. He informed us that the paving stone was quite costly but assured us that it would be worth every penny spent once they completed the job.(he was right). When Darren and his crew began construction we found them to be very professional and highly experienced  in their trade. We have been dealing with Trades People for over two years now and can honestly say that Darren and his crew were by far the most reliable and hard working individuals that we have had the pleasure to encounter not to mention the workmanship they displayed. Darren was also able to add an extra flower bed and window well to this project and we found Darren's price to be very reasonable for that work as well. Overall, Dave and I would highly recommend Sweet Landscaping to anyone who is looking for quality workmanship in their home or workplace. "Hats Off" to Sweet Landscaping, we look forward to seeing you next year as we have already made plans for our 2008 project.


Yours Truly,

Dave & Megan Thesen




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